Attention Moissanite Engagement Ring Shoppers

Couples jumping store to store report that there is very little on display for moissanite engagement rings in local shops.

Jumping from shop to shop, and website to website, in search of ‘The One’ engagement ring can be a daunting task.

It’s great when you finally find a few ideas that are indeed of appeal to you, but none of them have everything that you are looking for.

While there are tons of rings to shop around and look at in the mega chain stores, the more exclusive boutiques and the mom & pop shops you just can’t seem to find the perfect ring for you.

I was visiting with a local jeweler this past Wednesday, and while I was there, 2 seperate couples came in searching for custom made engagement ring advice.

I got to chatting with Kailee, the jewelry store manager, and she starts telling me about their bespoke engagement ring designing service. What a terrific concept!

Kailee went on to tell me that she encourages couples to shop around and gather as many ideas as they are interested in. Once the couple has decided on numerous styles and combinations of ideas they return and deal with the staff to start the creation process.

Once customers click with one of the in-store designers, someone who clearly communicates on the same page and understands what is being requested – As well as adding their own expert artistic suggestions, it is really wonderful process to watch unfold.

This really opens up a world of possibilities if you think of it!

Moissanite Engagement Ring From InstagramI was checking out some moissanite engagement rings in the retail display, there were only 6 styles to pick from. So, I took to the internet and started my usual search patterns. A little bit of tumblr, mixed with some pinterest and instagram, a little research on,, and I found who has the most massive catolog of moissanite rings that I’ve found anywhere. You can view their collection of moissanite engagement ring here:

There were more than 1000 rings to look at on that site, plus all of the hours that I spent looking at engagement rings on etsy and pinterest among other sites. I was easily into about a 3-4 hour rabbit hole of looking for the perfect ring.

I never did find a style that I liked on any one of those sites.

However, in all of that leg work, I did end up finding 3 individual rings that I liked for some small reason or another.

If I was really in the market for this ‘Dream Ring’, I could now go see my friendly local custom jeweler with all my findings and let them know what I’m interested in.

Wouldn’t it be super neat to just get the ring that YOU want? Not only that, but knowing that it isn’t being sold on anybody’s website, nor in any local jewelry store. It truly would be custom, a real one of a kind. I like that idea.


What do you think? would you buy a ring off the shelf, or would you prefer that more custom feel?

If you’re in the local area, and you’re looking for moissanite engagement rings, contact us for assistance – It will be our pleasure to help and point you in the right direction!